Wizard World Tour

Chicago '05


I have been hitting the big home town show for at least four years.

I started out as the fan/aspiring artist, carrying around a portfolio, sitting in drawing/writing seminars and heckling panel discussions. I've been meaning to make a comic documenting my heckling highlights, but I haven't gotten around to it. The one that comes to mind was when a very tired Bendis was talking about Ultimate Spider-Man and Daredevil meeting which went something like: "Spider-Man is this kid, and Daredevil hates everything about him. He hates his attitude, his wise cracks, his costume-"

Which I was quick to point out "But Daredevil's never SEEN his costume"

Bendis did one of those whole body sighs, it was great...

So last year I hit the convention making contacts for my local comicbook column, SPACE/TIME Continuum, for the now struggling to be resurrected in some form Third Coast Press

And now I have taken on yet another role

That's right baby I was pushing MENTAL #1 and #2 along with a CD full of episodes of Weight of Eternity, Iron on's of the shirts Chase wears in MENTAL, patches, and even sketches. I was also handing out stickers and short stories by my Thursday and Friday "Furry Assistant"

The Fabulous Allison S who's badge said exhibitioner, but who's short skirts said exhibitionist whenever she crawled under the table.

My dad must have been right about my other lovely assistant (the one I refered to at the show as Lovely Assistant), because she apparently does not show up on film, or I'd have pictures of of her up here too.

Though to be fair neither did the pictures the table and of me sitting in front of my table with my sign

asking people if they had a dollar then showing them the $1 MENTAL #1. I sold atleast seven copies w/in a half hour

Other sales ploys/antics that worked included:

"Sir! This one dollar comic matches your shirt!"

"Hey you have to support your fellow mohawk people, who else we got? The Mullet people? Though I could probably be in either camp...

telling women a substitude pitch to the hollywood pitch, which goes "It's about a psychic who uses his abilities to avoid work and chase skirt"

"I already got you to turn around you might as well walk back and hand me a dollar for the book"

I can't believe any of those worked

Which reminds me big props to my neighboring artist alley artist Pascal and Sean Murphy

they were so cool for never complaining about me yelling "Hey buddy my comic's only a buck" so many times my voice went raw on friday.

Also special thanks to rising star Shawn Murphy and his manager/girlfriend (no that's not his sister) for leaving art supplies and food behind for me to scavage when they ran off on early on Sunday

The coffee was pretty weak but the chips were good.

I was so busy I didn't snap any pictures of people I knew from interviewing them for Third Coast Press (though I did note that none of them picked up MY book). It was really cool to see that all the things they told me they were working on were out now.

I also didn't find much time to take pictures of convention frea- I mean- folks. I really wanted a picture of the two guys dressed as boba fet talking to each other so I could put the caption "Dude you wore the same exact outfit as me..."

My freind Jon and I got into a big arguement over who had the most >ahem< interesting people Comic conventions or Horror conventions. I missed the cat girl on a leash, the zombie girl (whose tattoos showed through her body make up), Black middle-aged overweight alternate demention Superman, and only got:

Though I did get this girl who sells clothes and purses(with comic pages in them) and actually had a worse mohawk than me

She looked much cuter on sunday when she skipped the gell (picture on the right [I think those are her wares in the background]).