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Coding for embeddding stolen from without permission (though he's a laid back Californian so I doubt he'd care). Everything below is also copied. Puppet in Chief: The Media Trix is copywrite Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf 2004 though it is a Parody which is really close to stealing but isn't legally.

Note: This Improv is being presented using Flash 6 and bit of code called "The Tarquin Engine" devised by the brilliant D. Merlin Goodbrey. (You can see Merlin using it here and here). I hope those of you who can install Flash will. The Tarquin Engine is an exciting new way to navigate comics that I think could be important in the coming years and I want to do my part to spread the word. Thanks to Merlin for his support and continued innovations. Join us each day for a panel or two more in the big big picture.