Everything on this page is real. Really, even on April Fool's.

 Elect Ladendorf: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf  is running for US Congress in South West Missouri. By far the most successful thing he's done even if he doesn't win.  I know random.

Observations Of Oddities: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf makes note of the macabre.

Twenty Percent Sexier: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf undergoes a not so amazing transformation to get more nookie.

Kinda Fucked Up Toys: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf goes to Toys R Us (with his lady because if he went by himself to look at action figures all the moms pull their kid closer when when he tries to rate their MILFiness)

HellaCoachella: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf goes to the music festival Coachella with girlfriend and fellow Chicago expatriots John, Navin, and Lindsay. 24 one hour comics drawn with a bamboo quill that was a real bitch to write with.

Give This Boy a Job: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf pre-interviewed for your convienance

A Stroll Down Michigan Ave: Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf covers the 2007 war protest.

GOD BLESS AMERICA: One part reflection, one part commentary on the war in Iraq.

Invisible Children: Poem in comic form about protesting child soldiers in Uganda (though I've recently read that the organizers of the depicted event have been somewhat misleading).

The CTA is a Pain in My Ass: A photo comic about society trying to protect us from ourselves.

Purse Pandemic: I ponder my metrosexuality.

Further From Never: Examination of a relationship, that I am told was not dating, but I was not to tell our mutual friends about.

HR4437: a social commentary that doesn't try to be too subtle...

One Step Closer To Zen: If I told you what it's about you won't read it . Because it sounds (and maybe is) boring not because it's gross (okay it's probably both).

My Friend Who Died Five Times: Out of nowhere a guy I worked with told me about his eerie experiences with death.

Exhibitionist: photocomic-thingy chronicling my first convention.

Fielding: One of my series of essays on what is wrong with everyone this one is on partisan politics.

Two Markers and The Road: See why it took me eight days to drive to Los Angeles. All drawn in transit (though not even half of it during the trip) with marker. That's right NO ERASERS were allowed!