Crawlers: Their fate is determined by dice and a set of laws they have become the masters of exploiting.© 2010

MENTAL: The exploits and exploitations of Chase P. Lander. MENTAL is two ongoing naratives: a comic strip about Chase's days as a charming player, and a graphic novel that goes into a more emotionally isolated stage of his life. © 2005-2009

Weight of Eternity: Sarah gets caught between supernatural rivals. Her only ally is a senile creature that preys on both sides. © 2005

24 hour comics: See the random crap that comes to mind when I attempt to draw a page an hour in 24 hours straight. Everything is sore afterwards. © 2002-2006

Loyal To The End: Character driven locked door mystery. © 2006

Snag: The juror with the droopy draws has an unusual insight into the case... Precurser to MENTAL. © 2003

Repulsive: Who will survive in a city that starts shrinking? This short story answers.Originally read at Reading Under The Influence this Febuary. © 2007

Gone Platinum: It's understanding why chart topping rapper 'Squints' gets mugged when returning to his old neighborhood. But why was he killed when everyone knew he had already gotten his pockets emptied?© 2007

And You Thought Christmas Was a Victimless Crime: Looking at Christmas from another angle... © 2002

The Puppet In Chief: The Media Trix: Examination of the '04 election while paradying THE MATRIX . © 2004

The Stockyards: The sentence from a vendetta may just be eternal... © 2005

Wasted Lives : My arguement for a chaotic universe. Not really... © 2004

Infamy: A man who's job is to not exist begins to worry about his legacy. © 1999

The Colony : Classic conflict of MAN VS. NATURE. Old work but I still find it warped enough to share. © 2003

(Anti)Endorsement: Did we lock away the one man who can save us from a foreign power? Or is he really nuts? © 2002

How Kyle Got Detention: The title pretty much says it all. Another old but warped. Based on a short story by three hotties from my english comp class in High School. Unfortunately there were thirty girls in that class and none of them have come forward as the Co-Authors. Can you blame them? © 2002

The Runt: Slightly fictionalized version of a Saturday night in rural Missouri. © 2003

The Hypersomniac: What starts as a 6 to 8 hour a night habit becomes a full blown addiction. Precurser to MENTAL. © 2003

Neon Clear: Eavesdrop on a conversation about the disadvantages of dating without being psychic in this Flash fiction precurser to MENTAL. © 2003